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My passion : New Orleans Jazz 

My dream : for him to be recognised as the greatest New Orleans Jazz saxophonist. 

My greatest joy is to have met him at Macon in 1983 and I’ll never forget that fabulous concert.

I have been playing the Sax since 1993 and have been the leader of two New Orleans Jazz bands, the BC Blues Band and the Bourbon Street Jazz New Orleans. I joined the SMC band in September 1999.  Then in March 2003 I formed the French Preservation New Orleans Revival jazz band.  I play the same tenor sax as my idol, a gold and silver 1938 MARTIN INDIANA.  It’s not the best sax around (despite being much sought-after by the pros) but after playing a SELMER MARK VI and a CONN 10M (the best 2 on the market) I still prefer the Martin Indiana.  I also play an old 1927 Conn Chu Berry Alto Sax (the same as Capt John Handy).


  Spécial thanks to Bill BISSONNETTE Jazz Crusade, Houcine HARRABI Jazzology Records, RAEBURN Bruce TULANE UNIVERSITY, Bjorn BARNHEIM, Marie Francoise CROUCH, Gérard GUICHARDON, and all who help me.


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A big “thank you” to Jacques GAUTHE (the first person to call me "MANNY") for having given me the chance on a memorable occasion on 19th April 2001 to play a whole set at Preservation Hall with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band led by the excellent John BRUNIOUS, who congratulated me on my musical skill; and I’ll never forget the session with Gregg STAFFORD on April 29th 2004


I can’t forget the little old black man who tapped me on the shoulder while I was playing a slow Old Rugged Cross at Emanuel Paul’s tomb, and who told me "you play the old style New Orleans Jazz like a black man and if you play for him he must be happy"

That's the most beautiful compliment anyonecould pay me. Oh Joy  Joy  Joy

What else can I say...Anyone who knows me will confirm how much this music is my passion. Emanuel Paul is my only source of inspiration on tenor saxophone and I truly hope to preserve his style and his phrasing.

Thank's MANNY for the thrill of pleasure you give me... 

March 2003 creation of a new New Orleans Revival Jazz Band the "French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band". A 5- 8 musician band formation is available for all occasion.

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