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EMANUEL PAUL 02/02/1904 - 23/05/1988

 JP ALESSI  &  EMANUEL  PAUL in Macon 06/24/1983

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My idol, Emanuel Paul

My passion, the  New-Orleans Jazz

My dream, to make him recognize officially as one of the best saxophonist in New-Orleans jazz.  

I had the great pleasure of meeting him in Macon, France in 1983 with a fabulous trumpet player KID THOMAS VALENTINE and this is a marvellous memory for me.

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Following my research with TULANE UNIVERSITY and the information provided by Mr. RAEBURN  I finally could concretized my meeting with the EMANUEL PAUL's daughter. She's Mrs WILHEMINA  DUPATY-BEAN 80 years old just celebrated on APRIL 6 2004. I finally obtained the official authorization for the diffusion of the site of his father. WILHEMINA and his husband my nicely accomodated on their premises during more than 2 hours by showing me family and professional documents of the career of EMANUEL PAUL. I eternally thank them and I promised to them to remain in contact with them as often as possible. I will hold word. I have photo and a video of my maintenance passed with WILHEMINA but to its request it does not wish that the photo appear on the site.

Please, if you have other vinyl disc or CD’S or ever old disks (78 tours) I haven’t listed, could you tell it to me and I will be able to complete my list.

I am especially grateful to my friend Bill Bissonnette Jazz Crusade, Houcine Harrabi  Jazzology Records, Bruce RAEBURN TULANE UNIVERSITY, Bjorn BARNHEIM, Marie Francoise CROUCH, Gérard Guichardon, for their help.



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I especially give my grateful to JACQUES GAUTHE, he was the first to call me “MANNY PAUL” and  he offered me the extraordinary opportunity to play in the Preservation Hall the April 19th 2001 a complete set with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band directed by the trumpet player JOHN BRUNIOUS and I was lucky to be congratulated by JOHN BRUNIOUS himself, for my musical play. And i don't forget the session with GREGG STAFFORD the april 29 2004

 I will never forget this old small black man who patted my shoulder as I was playing in front of Emanuel Paul’s tomb an OLD RUGGED CROSS and who told me: “ You play the old style New-Orleans jazz like a black man and if you play for him he must be happy”

 They are the most beautiful compliments I have ever had. Oh Joy  Joy  Joy

 What else can I say ? Those who know me will confirm it, I like this music, it is a passion, Emanuel Paul is my only source of inspiration to the saxophone tenor and I sincerely hope to keep his style and its phrasing. 

If you have photographs or recordings or videotapes or information relating to Emanuel Paul then do not hesitate use my e-mail, I will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.


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